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Lecancer.fr is a portal for information, news and training in Oncology.

Lecancer.fr ensures the publication of :

  • original articles, developments and training specific to oncology in terms of epidemiology, clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic:
  • short" communications;
  • conference proceedings;
  • annotated reviews of literature.
  • information and documents for the general public.

Lecancer.fr is intended to Health professionals, in particular oncologists, surgeons, chemo-therapists, radiologists, radiotherapists, anatomopathologists, pharmacists, epidemiologists, and all suppliers and users of equipment and procedures useful in Cancerology.

Healthcare Professional Access

The website Lecancer.f includes a professional access only by registration and reserved for health professionals. This access has been developed to promote their training and facilitate exchanges on medical topics related to their activity.

The editorial committees of the lecancer.fr website are placed under the responsibility of a Scientific and Proofreading Council in Cancerology made up of editors in chief and the director of the publication including regional and national experts.

This scientific council steers specialised editorial boards of contributors writing original articles published on the site. These editorial boards are exclusively composed of physicians, pharmacists, medical interns or health professionals.

Scientific Council

Director of Publication:

Dr Christophe Gilliet, Pharmacist - Clermont-Ferrand.


Digestive Cancer: Dr. Gérard Lledo, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist - Oncologist, Lyon.

Pancreatic cancer: Dr Gérard Lledo, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist - Oncologist, Lyon.

Breast Cancer: Dr Rémy Salmon, Surgeon and Oncologist, Paris.

Bronchial cancers:

Dr. Gilles Robinet, Respirologist and Oncologist, Brest.

Dr Romain Corre, Respirologist, Rennes.

Oncological Supportive Care: Dr Florian Scotté, Oncologist, Paris.

Onco-Pharmacy: Dr Vincent Launay-Vacher, Clinical Pharmacist, Paris.

Onco-Dermatology: Pr Laurent Mortier, Dermatologist and Oncologist, Lille.


Pr Florence Joly, Medical Oncologist, Caen.

Pr Frédéric Di Fiore, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, Rouen.

Onco-Hematology - MM: Pr Philippe Moreau Nantes.

Onco-Hematology - CLL Lymphoma: Pr Guillaume Cartron Montepellier.

Immuno-Oncology: Dr Gérard Lledo, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist - Oncologist, Lyon.

Onco-radiotherapy: Pr David Azria, Onco-Radiotherapist, Montpellier.

Sarcoma: Pr Antoine Italiano, Medical Oncologist, Bordeaux.

Genomics: Pr Jean-Christophe Sabourin, Anatomo-Pathologist, Rouen.

Property and contact

Lecancer.fr is the property of Cancérodigest, SARL with a capital of 160 000 € registered in the Clermont-Ferrand Trade Register under the number 751 014 911.

The lecancer.fr website is hosted by the company Cancérodigest whose head office is located at 84 Avenue de la République - 63050 CLERMONT-FERRAND Cedex 2.

Director of Publication

Dr Christophe Gilliet, Pharmacist - Clermont-Ferrand

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